Meet the AnaJet mPower 5i & 10i DTG Printer

Meet the AnaJet mPower 5i & 10i Direct to Garment Printer


ALM Printing’s Newest Addition

ALM Printing services can now print digital images on garments using the mPower 5i Digital Apparel Printer from AnaJet. Employing more than 1,100 nozzles, printing in six tracks, the mPower 5i can complete a garment print in less than two minutes. The machine’s output is stunning, vibrant and with a soft-to-the-touch image transfer, unlike rough edged screen prints.

Unique from traditional processes, digital garment printing is non-contact, which means the image is transferred to the garment without hands-on-contact. Non-contact printing eliminates possible image distortions that occur in certain cases when screen printing.

The mPower 5i can print intricate images including shadows and effects that are unsuitable for other methods of garment printing. “It’s the best machine out there”, said Luis Quintana, Department Head of Printing & Operations (ALM Printing, Division of AM Global Group). He further said, “We waited for them to enhance the product, and now we’re ready to go!”

Ricoh Buys AnaJet, Debuts i-Series Printers

The copier giant Ricoh acquired digital garment printer manufacturer AnaJet in January of 2017. AnaJet’s new i-series of digital apparel printers was introduced in April. The two models in the series, the mPower 5i and mPower 10i, both print in water based, four color CMYK ink, plus two white inks.

The mPower printer has been available since 2011. In collaboration with Ricoh, the digital printers were fitted with the Japanese company’s Gen4 drop-on-demand printheads. The retrofitting project resulted in:

  • Improved ink flow during printing
  • Less ink consumption and waste
  • More durable valves, pumps and print heads
  • Software enhancements for greater efficiency and ease of use

Ricoh also will provide customer service for the Power 5i through its copier division.

Simple and Speedy Direct-to-Garment Printing

The desktop sized unit prints full color digital images in one pass on light colored garments. On dark colored garments, the mPower 5i lays down a layer of white ink on the garment during the first pass before printing the image in full color on the second pass.

Dark colored garments all require pre-treatment to make sure the ink sticks. It takes a little more than twice as long to print a dark t-shirt (90 seconds) as a light t-shirt (40 seconds). As a result, darker shirts have a slightly higher cost to print than lighter shirts.

Once printed, each digital print garment is subjected to a heat press to seal the image. The Power 5i is connected to a personal computer running AnaRip, the Power i5’s printing software. The software allows the system operator to adjust printer settings to produce exactly the brightness, contrast and vividness you desire.

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